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The Readers Digest Bible For Children. Illustration Wonder!

The Readers Digest Bible For Children. Illustration Wonder!

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A New Way to Experience the Bible for Kids

"I love adventure stories, whether they’re about a shepherd boy who becomes a king, or a fisherman who drops everything to hunt for the meaning of life. That’s why I love reading the Bible. In these Bible stories, you’ll learn the name of the wisest man who ever lived, and what happened to a man who landed in the belly of a fish. You’ll go on a long hike with the people of Israel, and see how God led them over dry deserts and through dangerous, deep rivers. You’ll hear about a plague of frogs and flies, and how a couple of fish and a few loaves of bread made lunch for thousands of hungry people. So treasure the remarkable book you are about to explore.

And when you read about wise men, shepherds and fishermen, when you meet Jesus, the Son of God, in the amazing stories of his life, ask God to teach you what he wants you to learn. And who knows? You may discover that you are on a marvelous adventure, and that your life, too, can be a story: an adventure story that will lead you right into the circle of God’s closest friends."  Joni Eareckson Tada

The Readers Digest Bible For Children is an excellent resource to introduce your young ones to the timeless tales of the Bible. This children's Bible incorporates captivating illustrations, making the classic Bible stories more engaging and accessible for our little readers. Each story has been carefully chosen, rewritten, and presented in a way that is easy to comprehend, sparking curiosity and promoting spiritual growth.

The book uses vibrant illustrations, rich narratives, and interactive elements to bring the biblical tales to life. It aims to instil invaluable moral lessons while keeping the kids entertained. It's not just a book; it's a treasured keepsake that cultivates knowledge, faith, and love for scripture.

Your children will dive into epic adventures, witness miracles, and learn beneficial life lessons through stories that have inspired generations. It's simply a perfect addition to your child's bookshelf, making reading time enlightening and exciting. Equip your young ones with the spiritual wisdom from 'The Readers Digest Bible For Children'.

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